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South West flooring specialists cover a range of options within the flooring industry. Some flooring contractors specialise in fitting carpets to residential properties, while others may only work with laminate flooring or the like. Smaller companies may concentrate on just one area, as they don’t have the resources to employ enough trained people in different disciplines. A larger company, though, will generally be used to working on big and small projects, and more likely to have well-trained staff for every type of floor installation. How do you find the right contractor for you, especially if you’re not sure what flooring material you want to choose?

If you are searching for something specific like commercial flooring Bristol, then you need a company with demonstrable experience of the various types of flooring available for business spaces. Remember, the requirements of a shop floor are likely to be very different from the type of flooring needed on a factory floor. With both, though, you will have concerns about safety and longevity. Smaller Southwest flooring companies may struggle to give you access to the full range of options, from rubber flooring to luxury vinyl tiles, including top respected brands like Amtico, Tarkett and Boen. A larger company, with employees well-trained in their particular field, will provide a more balanced view. They can advise you on what is best for your space, rather than prompting you to choose one of the lesser products they stock.

Each material has its own specific advantages. Rubber flooring is burn-resistant, easy to clean, naturally slip-resistant and available in a huge range of colours. A wooden floor might be better suited to a space where aesthetics are more important, such as a boutique store or hotel. The wide range of vinyl available from companies like Amtico has made their products very popular. You can create the look of a wooden floor or marble, but with much more durability and less cost and maintenance. If you are searching for commercial flooring Exeter, then selecting matting for strategic positions to minimise the dirt and moisture that routinely enters buildings could be a smart move.

Whether you want flooring Gloucester, or flooring in Skegness, we can save you a lot of time and trouble. We are Bainton Flooring. We have been serving customers throughout the UK and Europe with various types of flooring for over five decades. Our staff members are friendly, professional and all fully trained with plenty of experience. You can contact us on (+44) 01202 513985 or by using our contact form on our website at We are always happy to advise.

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