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Residential Kitchen Amtico

This is Amtico Fragment Nova and Fragment Abyss with Apollo Star Motif and custom border. We have recently installed this flooring. For a residential home. It was used in the kitchen.

We specialise in Amtico flooring. Providing over 250 different products for homes. Giving you the ability to show your style. As Amtico flooring suppliers, we know how important this flooring can be.

Amtico flooring is made from a resin. Which is compounded with various high-quality plasticizers and mixed with stabilizers. The flooring material resembles natural materials. Because it uses customized printed films. They are then placed between protective layers and glued to the core.

This gives you the ability to replicate wood, tile and stone. Without the downsides. For instance, stone floors can be very cold and wood flooring needs maintenance. Amtico flooring can achieve the style of these floors while still having a cosy home. Also, it doesn’t react to moisture or humidity making it perfect for bathrooms.

Find out more about Amtico flooring we provide and effortlessly style your home.

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