Flooring for a kitchen

Flooring in residential kitchens can be a very important feature to the home. As well as a place where food is cooked, kitchens are usually the hub of the home, where family and friends gather to eat, drink and chat. The kitchen should be a warm and welcoming place in the home and the flooring appearance plays a big part in that. As well as being practical, in terms of damage and cleaning, it should be homely and inviting. Flooring types that work well for every eventuality in a kitchen include: laminate flooring is easy to clean and not too cold to walk on making it homely, vinyl has similar properties to laminate in that it’s easy to clean and can be made to look lovely and homely, tile can be slightly colder under your feet, but can come in a wide variety of different patterns, styles and colours to fit your living environment.

In a commercial kitchen, the flooring needs will be slightly different. There’s no need for the flooring to be welcoming, it just needs to be fit for purpose. It needs to be easy to clean, somewhat slip resistant and in keeping with the theme of the restaurant.

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