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Commercial tile flooring from Bainton Flooring Dorset

Porcelain, Ceramic and Stone Tiles are available in a wide range of colours and textures. Tiles are highly durable and suitable for a wide range of different solutions. Depending on your requirements we can advise the most suitable type of tile for you. If you are looking for tiles to be used as the flooring you will need a more durable material than those used for walls and ceilings. Tiles can also be used outdoors if you are looking to update or makeover an exterior area.

Floor tiles in a commercial setting can give a touch of luxury to any area while still being practical. Tiles come in a range of designs and can make it easy for you to express your company or brands character. They are easy to clean and can last much longer than other types of flooring, especially flooring that is being walked on daily by large numbers of people. Ceramic tiles are also an excellent choice if taking into account allergy sufferers as they attract less dust and pollen. If you are looking to elevate your room and give a professional impression while still having flooring that is easy to maintain, then don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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Tiling and TImber Flooring
Tiling and Timber Flooring at Samsung Bristol Cabot Circus.

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Bainton commercial flooring

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Bainton residential Amtico flooring


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