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Amtico Signature Harbour Pine

Bainton Flooring specialises in supplying several different flooring types. Including Amtico Design flooring. There are over 250 different products to choose from! Which can give your floor an individual finish.

Bainton Flooring is a family business that has been helping the people of Bournemouth and the U.K. with their flooring needs for over 50 years.

We can provide a variety of Amtico flooring styles. We have fitted Amtico strip wood flooring, in chalked pine, for residential homes. This Chalked Pine Amtico flooring is durable and resistant to scratches and dents. It is a low maintenance material. It only needs sweeping and mopping every so often.

Amtico flooring can come in a range of styles. It can be used anywhere including residential and commercial spaces. This flooring can look very similar to finished hardwood flooring. Or you can go completely the opposite way and have a tiled effect, depending on location. It’s low maintenance as it just needs a mop and brush now and again. Plus is very hard-wearing. M&S are known to use Amtico flooring in their stores which proves how durable it can be. If it can withstand daily shoppers it can meet any challenge.

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