Carpet Or Laminate – Which Is Best For Your Business?

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Stuck between carpet or laminate flooring?

Deciding on the best flooring for your commercial property can be challenging. While usage determines the flooring for some areas, the needs of other areas are less obvious. Reception areas, offices, break rooms and showrooms are among the areas where either carpet or laminate flooring can be used. But, how do you decide which is the best Southwest flooring option for your premises?

One of the first considerations is durability. How long do you want your commercial flooring to last? Generally, laminate flooring is harder wearing and therefore lasts longer. Carpet can begin to show wear and tear after just a few years, particularly in high traffic areas. Given this, while carpet might be great for an office or meeting area, laminate might be better for a reception area where footfall is much heavier. Cleaning is another consideration for commercial flooring Cornwall and beyond. Depending on the colour you choose, carpet tends to hide dirt and dust easier than laminate flooring. Marks, scuffs and spills show up on laminate flooring immediately. This means, you need to pay immediate attention to this type of Southwest flooring if anything is dropped or walked onto it. Cleaning laminate is however, more straightforward than carpet and spills can be easily wiped up on laminate flooring. While marks do not show as easily with carpet, you do need to be aware of the build up of dirt and particles in carpet and the potential health issues this could create. Carpets need to be vacuumed regularly and professionally cleaned to reduce the potential for odours and allergens. Laminate flooring can be cleaned regularly by vacuuming and mopping. Care does need to be taken to ensure that the floor is not left wet however, as standing water can seep into the joints in laminate flooring and lift the edges over time.

Safety is a very important consideration when looking at laying new flooring in your commercial premises. Carpets can house numerous allergens and if not cleaned regularly can grow mould and encourage vermin. Laminate flooring, however, can become slippery when wet, so it may not be ideal for areas close to external doors, or other areas where water may become an issue. One way around this issue is to use absorbent floor mats at entrances and exits and to opt for safety flooring in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens or breakrooms. Installation time is a consideration when deciding on new flooring from Southwest flooring services that provide either carpet or laminate flooring. Both flooring options require time to achieve and involves some degree of disruption to your premises. Carpet is often considered to be easier to lay, but much depends on the shape and size of the space that you are laying the flooring in. Regardless of whether you choose laminate or carpet, you can reduce the disruption that installation causes by choosing flooring contractors that can work around you.

The best Southwest flooring installers are those that can work around your needs. The company you choose should be willing to spend time discussing your needs and finding the right flooring solution for you. This includes the right material, the right cost, and the right time to install the flooring.

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